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We are enhancing Financial Inclusion by providing sustainable loans and trade finance to creditworthy SMEs, through our agribusiness value chain management expertise and in-house technology platforms. Nest is owned by Finn Labs LLC, a financial technology firm with a mission to consistently and sustainably improve SMEs across the West African region. Finn Labs Ltd is primarily owned by Nest Investments Ltd (Mauritius)

Our Story

About What We Do & How We Got Here

We started in 2018 with the knowledge that private investors have historically fallen into two categories: People trying to make as much money as possible (usually at the expense of SME’s and individual beneficiaries), and people trying to make the world a better place.

We thought why can’t you have both? Deliver value to all stakeholders, not just investors, business owners, taking care of employees, vendors, and customers alike. Pursuing a social mission for us is a core pillar when interfacing with both customers and investors not at the sacrifice of growth and returns,

We believe that this is fast becoming the trend and Nest is on the forefront. It’s a good place to be. We’ve engaged with like-minded investors and entrepreneurs who were attracted to both our mission and our approach.

Nest is synonymous with Growth and at Nest it’s an essential part of success. In order to build a better society we start by working those the need it the most with the aim that our impact investments would take them higher than the status quo.

Our Company Mission & Client Vision


To deliver value to all stakeholders by pursuing economic investments with measurable social and environmental impact.


Play our part in creating a world where social impact, diversity and inclusiveness are prioritised not sacrificed for growth and returns, but both are achieved.


it matters more to us that we get the best results while maintaining integrity, humility, and fairness. We require these values of everything we do, and of anyone we partner with.

Recent Years

The Proof is in the Numbers


Goals: Launch savings app,  increase customer base to 2,000 and have USD 2,00,000 in AUM.

  • 4,000+ registered customers achieved
  • $2,500,000 AUM achieved
  • ZERO Non-performing Loans
  • New HQ in Mauritius
  • New Equity Partners


Bigger, Stronger, Better. Re-branding and gaining momentum:

  • 864 active customers
  • 1,503 registered customers
  • $515,567 Total loans volume
  • $300,856: AUM
  • ZERO Non-performing Loans


Through independent thinking, thoughtful experimentation and constant evolution during our first two years we:

  • Registered Nest Cooperative
  • Developed the Cooperative model impact investment strategy to scale
  • Identified pivotal future trends
  • Choose partners  to invest in accordingly


We Start with Consultation

We start by taking time to understand the increasingly complex needs and demands of our investors from growth and wealth creation targets to social impact and sustainable develpment goals.

Our strategic focus, multidisciplinary expertise, and global network provide unique insights and unparalleled access to transformational opportunities.


Create a Strategy

Our investment team provides a wide range of strategic services to help our clients future-proof their investment, challenge conventional thinking, and drive portfolio improvements.


Customize a Portfolio

We create opportunities for you to benefit from emerging trends, leverage evolving technologies, and build stronger, more resilient portfolios.



The convergence of investment expertise and advisory services delivers exceptional results and it drives better outcomes for your portfolio through access to strategic partnerships and global distribution.

How it Works

Our Approach


Community Partnership

Our strong community partnerships are built on empathy and respect for others, and ourselves. We hold each other accountable, and accountability is everyone’s responsibility.


Investor Relation

We invest in maintaining long-term relationships with our investors through achieving shared financial, social and sustainability development goals.


Growing Funds

We always have been and always will work hard to deliver sustainable growth. We keep the underdog’s perspective, stay hungry, and fight to win. We stay humble and work like we have something to prove.


Meet Our Team

People will always be the epicenter of our business. Knowing that, gives us the confidence to embark and attempt to overachieve.

Dolapo Sanusi-Ola

Dolapo Sanusi-Ola

chief Executive Officer

Seyi Olusanya

Seyi Olusanya

Chief Operating Officer

Olaolu Akingbade

Olaolu Akingbade

Chief Strategy Officer


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Nest Investments Ltd.

We enhance financial inclusion by providing sustainable loans and trade finance to creditworthy SMEs, through our agribusiness value chain management expertise and in-house technology platforms.


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