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We enhance financial Inclusion by providing sustainable loans, trade finance and direct sales to creditworthy SMEs in the Agribusiness value chain. Africa’s agribusiness will be worth $1 trillion by 2030, through our agribusiness value chain management expertise and in-house technology platforms; we are positioned to take advantage of this huge opportunity to feed over 1.8billion Africans.



Nest Investments Ltd.

Our commitment to create Social Impact is inherent in our approach to SME expansion and agribusiness financing. We also actively walk our clients through the implementation process of our transactions to ensure optimal use of all project funds.


Trusted Partners

We leverage on our network of indigenous and influential international partners to maximize the potential impact of our business process and investments across all markets.


High Diversification

Our highly diversified investment portfolio guarantees minimal assets risk exposure.



Socially Responsible

We actively pursue economic investments with high social and environmental impact because we believe that the positive externality effects of life transforming capital are self- sustaining.

One Size Fits One

Create Strategy That Works For YOU

We make your money continuously work for you with a portfolio tailored to your risk appetite while achieving your social Impact goals.


We have supported over 2,500 smallholder famers and SME’s and ensured that the impact of our investments have a lasting effect.


Avg Return on investment

We have consistently delivered an average return on investment of 8% per annum for our investors.

Experienced Advisors

12 experienced executive advisors and board members ensuring year on year sustainable growth and impact.


We have judiciously managed investments worth over $5,000,000 while delivering the social impact our investors demand.

How We Work. Our Mission & Values

At Nest “doing good” is a driving force for building successful, impactful businesses. This deep sense of responsibility drives us to deliver value to all stakeholders, not just investors, business owners, taking care of employees, vendors, and customers alike. We  believe that exponential opportunity lives at the intersection of “growth for you” and “Growth for the world”.

“The Nest Cooperative is very efficient in working with SMEs to achieve their short term goals/projects. From my business experience with them, they haven’t ceased to amaze me with their: 1. speed 2. Compassion 3. Professionalism I’m not playing lip service here when I say they did disbursements within 12 hours without delays in documentation etc. It doesn’t get any better if you ask me.”

Mrs O Bamiro

CEO, Decke Group

grow with nest

Let Us Help You Take Your Money To New Heights

We invest in and build people and SME’s shaping the future. We bring together the best ideas, talent and financing through a centralized platform that helps us uncover trends we can share across the entire portfolio. Whether it’s a farmer delivering yields through improved fertiliser, or when fundamental changes in society create new economic opportunities for suppliers and customers, a network connecting businesses to better suppliers and off takers, or leveraging blockchain technology to solve problems with data management and trust, the common desire for growth is what we nurture from the beginning.


Financial Resources and News

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Nest Investments Ltd.

We enhance financial inclusion by providing sustainable loans and trade finance to creditworthy SMEs, through our agribusiness value chain management expertise and in-house technology platforms.


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